Expert Training, Safe Surroundings & NRA Certified Instructors


Safety is paramount at Oak Ridge Gun Range. We offer a variety of classes designed to educate gun owners on gun handling and certification to conceal carry. Oak Ridge’s expert instructors train over 5,000+ people per year. Our courses are designed by experts in the field and will help you master the basics and help you hone your shooting skills. From gun safety to shooting techniques to concealed weapons training, become the best shooter you can be by enrolling in an Oak Ridge Gun Range Firearm Class.


Handgun 101 is our newest class offering starting in September 2023! Designed as a comprehensive training covering everything from introductory overviews, safely handling, operating, maintaining, and storing your firearms, this course is perfect for responsible gun owners seeking to gain knowledge and training of their firearms. Pre-register today to reserve your spot in our next class!


The basic handgun safety course teaches the core fundamentals of handgun safety so that you can visit the range with confidence and with safety in mind. Learn how to properly handle your firearms, working one on one with an instructor in an individualized class.


The conceal carry class will cover basic firearm and ammunition mechanics, loading, storage, concealed carry holsters, carrying methods, how to hold and reload a firearm, malfunctions, negligent discharges, gun safety, firearms laws and other information pertinent to the concealed carry permit application process in Florida.


Designed for the average citizen with little or no formal training or experience, this course dives deep into the operation and function of your firearm. No previous experience is necessary to attend this course. This is setup for a safe foundational introduction to handling firearms safely and shooting accurately. This course allows students to work through classroom instruction, hands-on exercises, and courses of fire on the range to develop confidence and proficiency in handling a firearm safely.
This hands-on course will take you through the fundamentals of handgun ownership including:
• Firearms Safety & Handling Best Practices
• Loading and Unloading a Pistol Properly
• Shooting including Stance, Grip, Sight Alignment, Trigger Control
• Fundamentals of Cleaning & Basic Preventative Maintenance

Class Duration: 3 hours

Course Tuition is $125 per student


Basic firearm courses are designed for shooters who are looking for a refresher course. Due to demand for these courses, classes are held at a variety of times throughout the week. Contact the range staff for a current schedule.

This course lasts for one hour and is taught by a NRA certified instructor. The cost is $75 for one student or $50 each for 2-3 shooters. Groups with more than three students can be accommodated,  please contact Oak Ridge to schedule.

Dates and times for this class vary so please call the gun range for the current schedule 850-932-5500. 

Want to learn more about gun safety? Explore the additional firearm training resources and services offered by the NRA – Click HERE


Concealed Weapons Permit classes are held at the range on Wednesdays 5 – 8 pm and Saturdays 9 am -12. Classes are walk-in only, on a first come first served basis. There is a limit of 14 people per class so we recommend you arrive at least 15 minutes early.

This is a three hour class taught by a certified NRA instructor that will teach the guidelines for when deadly force is allowed to be used, the laws of concealed carry, and how to obtain a license from the State. It includes a minor shooting portion.

The Concealed Carry classes cost $75 per person or $50 for current/former military with ID. Please note the military discount does not include dependents.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early. Bring an ID, DO NOT bring a firearm. Guns and Ear & Eye protection will be available to use.

Click HERE to learn more about the Concealed Weapon License application process in Florida.