A State of the Art Gun Range


Open 7 days a week, we welcome first time shooters as well as those more experienced. For new shooters, or those looking for a refresher, we offer a basic firearm class. If you are a new shooter please inform an associate as we are here to help in any way we can. Due to Covid-19 we no longer provide ear and eye protection. You have the option to bring your own or purchase it in the shop. For more information about the range please do not hesitate to CONTACT US


$20 for the first shooter | $15 for each additional person on the lane


The Oak Ridge Gun Range Gulf Breeze offers the ultimate indoor shooting experience. We pride ourselves on being the best indoor shooting range in North West Florida. Our facility is built with safety in mind. The range is separate from the lobby and is designed to keep our patrons safe at all times.

Our eight lanes are all Pistol, Shotgun, and rimfire capable, five of which are 50 feet and three are 75 feet max distances.  Our 75 foot ranges are also rifle capable up to a 7mm – NO magnum cartridges.  All centerfire rifle ammunition must be checked in at the front desk by an associate to make sure there is no steel in the projectile of the bullet.

All lanes are on a first come, first served basis. We do not take reservations and no membership is required. Three people are allowed in each stall at a time, extra shooters can rotate from the lobby.

We have the most advanced air filtration system the industry has to offer that introduces 15,000 cubic feet of fresh air per minute. 

We welcome first time shooters as well as experienced shooters. See our classes page to learn about about the basic firearm class for new shooters. 


We encourage you to share the shooting experience with friends and family and for that reason we have built a great viewing area for non-shooters. We have three large bullet proof windows separating the range from the the lobby where non shooters have a great view of the action.  Our traps are engineered out of 1/4″ steel that are angled to prevent ricochets and each lane is divided by specially designed bullet proof walls.

Please DO NOT have any loaded magazines or firearms when entering the store. We are pro-carry but due to the constant handling of firearms in the store, this rule has been put in place for the safety of all. We also require anyone entering the range to be at least 10 years old.

We do live in the great State of Florida and our range is generally about the same temperature as it is outside so dress accordingly


At Oak Ridge Gun Range we offer a wide variety of guns for rent. Our highly qualified team will talk you through the options and help you pick the right gun to suit your needs. We offer handguns, rifles, shotguns, automatic weapons and much more. 

Firearm rentals are for two or more people, or a single person already in possession of a firearm. To protect our investment in our rental program, only ammunition bought at Oak Ridge Gulf Breeze can be used in our firearms. You are able to trade the firearm out as many times as you’d like so feel free to shoot the entire rental inventory. If you purchase a firearm the same day as using our rental your rental fee will be credited back to you. Rental firearms are included in the price of training classes offered by Oak Ridge. 

Our rental inventory changes and includes over 50 firearms:

  • Rifles: AR15, AR9, 22LR, 9 Carbine
  • Handguns: start at 22 caliber to 45 long colt
  • Shotguns:  in various calibers

Rental rules:  Bring a photo ID. The rental cost is $20 per lane plus cost of ammunition.


Bowling Pin Shootouts are set up for all types of shooters, come shoot for fun or competitively. These events are great for those looking to shoot something more fun than paper; each shootout features fun targets such as bowling pins, baseballs, golf balls, and more!

One shooter clears the stage at a time and the best time from each stage proceeds to a final four, 1-v-1 tournament style shoot to crown the champion.
Entry fee is $25
Firearms are limited to 9mm pistol
Winner gets 1 month of free range
Feel free to reach out to us for additional details and check our Facebook page for upcoming events!